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How to Master Your Creative Process

Creativity is the incubation of a vision to nurture it into a living inspiring reality. The creative process differs for each and every artist and offers the incentive to produce works of art that can include a whole range of paintings and artworks. But being creative doesn’t come as easily to some as it does for others and it can be especially difficult to be creative if it is part of your everyday routine. Understanding the creative process can help you better understand what it takes to get your mind brainstorming out of the box solutions making it easier for you to churn out great ideas every on a regular basis. The creative process can therefore be both stressful or fun according to the environment you create! This is why I wish to highlight my 4 steps to keep creative and work out through the daily struggles of creativity. *Note that different artists have a different creative process.

Although the process of creativity can work in various ways for different people, generally, this is my way:

1. Preparation is the key to start

The creative process starts with preparation. This can be a learning process, or a review of what you are already familiar with and pertain to the project you are working on. In digital art, the preparation is to select what tools to use, to have all the necessary digital brushes selected, to check which reference photos you will be using, to check which type of medium you want your painting to look like and other initial preparations to create your digital artwork. Digital Art just like regular artworks still requires preparation and constructive initial thinking to enable it. Although the steps taken in preparation might seem a bit tedious and unnecessary, they can really work to get the creative process off to a great start.

2. Stimulating the Subconscious

The process of stimulating the subconscious usually works on at the subconscious level since once the preparation has been done the creative forces and creative mind start to work - in-itself this can lead to the creation of a great piece of artwork or art piece. Ideas at this stage of the final artwork may begin to form in dreams and vague thought processes. The preparation stage is important as it lets the stimulation of our subconscious to work and mediate and unblocks the often blocked conscious with our daily stresses and struggles of life.

3. The Illumination and Higher Perspective

Here is where you get the idea, that moment you know that you have an awesome painting in your head. This is the stage where your dreams become a reality, in a quite literal sense. Suddenly, you have more clarity what the subject of your next painting should be and how to get what you have in your subconscious into your head. The unfortunate thing about illumination and higher perspective is that it often hits at the most inconvenient times or not at all. Maybe I can right a whole post about this. You might be in the middle of an important business meeting, not have access to any writing material or even be in the shower when you are suddenly struck by that winning idea - an artwork that shakes the 21st century. This can be easily tackled by what is know as 'Pen and Paper'. Always doodle your ideas so they can be easily accessible at all times and can also help with point number 2 when you feel lost. In the preparation stage always revert back to the doodles and sketches within your notebook it helps prepare you better and stimulates your ideas more.

4. Implementation

This is the stage where your idea actually is turned into an artwork. It is where the ideas get conceived and you reap the fruits of the previous steps. This is the hardest stages since all the work needs to be done however it is the most epic stage of all. Your creative process would then turn into epic art and works that you should be proud of. One thing I learned from all the artworks is that the creative process should always feel fun to flow and not stressful. If the creative process is stressful it might be sign of a wrong way to do it in the first place. So enjoy the process and all will fall in place.


Do you have another method towards the creative process or a way to conduct it? State them in the comments below. Like and Share our article if you found it interesting.

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