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How to Generate QR Codes and how they will help your Art Journey

QR – Quick Response Codes

QR codes are scannable squares of pixels that are used to get viewers to a webpage fast. A QR code is an abbreviation for a “quick response” code and were developed in the 1990s. An old technology still used - QR codes today are a great tool to organize and to use in your art career/art journey.

So, how do QR codes benefit your Art Journey? Can QR codes help boost your art sales?

Add QR codes to artwork labels

QR codes allow you to scan labels that will provide more information about your artworks. QR codes can be generated and added to artwork labels. This would allow a viewer at a gallery to scan the QR code and get more information. The QR Code can be linked to your website or social media – driving more traffic to the website and increasing the engagement. QR codes are interesting as they contain information that may be to vast to share under an artwork and can increase your engagement, reach and audience if used correctly.

Selling your Artworks using QR codes

QR codes can also be linked with stores and thus used as a discreet way to divert your followers, supporters and audience to your store. As an artist you can also direct interested viewers to similar artworks and will avoid you displaying prices within the market.

QR Codes offer immediate access to direct links and references, as a buyer/seller you are redirected to the right information which is immediately accessible through the network. Observing that the artworld is shifting towards selling art on an online platform or through online means organizing QR Codes will ultimately boost your sales and provide a technological oriented support structure.

Marketing, Opportunities and Engagement through QR codes

Making connection between the work and the audience is enhanced by QR Codes, the information the QR codes provides is an opportunity to build solid engagement between you and the viewer. Enabling a QR code on artworks will increase the engagement and enhancing it with proper marketing techniques will make it invaluable for your art journey.

An active process of viewers/engagement/reach will automatically increase as viewers are driven to learn more about your artworks and you as an artist; When people are actively engaged they will start remembering the content being provided and are likely to remember the experience of engaging with your art – driving them again to your content and increasing sales often.

QR – Quick Response and Quick Reference

QR may stand for quick response, but they can also be used as a tool to provide a quick reference to artworks, stories and other content. Printing QR Codes and using them as labels will enable an efficient organizational system of your artworks – with minimal space required your artworks will be labelled accordingly and all information would be provided.

You can create an inventory report of QR codes to hang on your studio wall or attach QR codes to your physical artworks. Whenever you need to know more information about an artwork, you can just scan its code.

Professionalism and QR Codes

Viewers, Audiences, Galleries, Shops, Business alike like to work with professional artist that sell that create an atmosphere of easy selling and ability to sell art fast and provide reliable professional service. Thus, QR Codes provides a win-win situation and a perfect environment to provide the required information in a clean and an easy way to access it. Organizing your artworks is found to be the best way of knowing your inventory and makes it easier for you to sell.

Professionalism will enable you to sell more artworks and will increase your income as an artist.

QR Codes can also direct business to gain more information about your artworks, stories, sizes and other helpful information. Incorporating QR codes can also be then added to reports to have a better understanding of which artworks are being most accessed and other insights and would be a great way to reference your works.

Emailing the QR codes would also enable more professionalism in you are journey as this would provide ad-hoc information as well as provide quick reference and response toy your artworks. Business will appreciate your attention to detail.

How to create QR codes that are easy to create and even easier to use

Follow the following tutorial to create epic QR Codes

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